About Us

In an industry where mediocrity can pay very well, it’s refreshing to know there are still exceptions to the rule—there are lending professionals who set different standards for success and work hard to maintain their standards. To Describe Travis Olson and Tucker Lemm and the Olson Mortgage Group, you must start with their basic business philosophies. They believe that mortgage lending is more than just taking applications and selling loan products. They also strive to never let their business override their commitments to family and their community. “Our business is built on relationships, not transactions,” explains Travis. “The best compliments that we get are the invitations to birthday parties, weddings and other family celebrations because we are not just their lender – we have become family friends.” “There is a tremendous amount of accountability in what we do,” states Lemm. “We are dealing with people’s lives, with their very personal finances. I want to develop the kind of relationship with every client that, at the end of the day, they think of me almost like their financial ‘physician’. I help make their lives better.

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